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Island Survival

Imagine waking up in your handmade palm-thatched hut, rubbing two sticks together to make a fire, and spearing fish for a dinner you have made from wild edible plants and coconut milk.  This is the expedition of a lifetime, a 5-day intensive training course mixed with a personal challenge where you survive for an additional 3 days with little to no supplies.  Live the adventure that everyone talks about but only a select few will ever experience.

What you learn

Class Description

Spend 8 days "stranded" on a remote island with Tom McElroy and Azrael Renee as they train you in island survival skills.  Every day will be filled with new skills to hone before getting stranded in the ultimate challenge. 

Where we begin...

Join us in Paradise as we teach you everything you need to know during the first 5 days of our 8-day excursion.

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