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Haida Gwaii

Survival Expedition

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Haida Gwaii, Canada

Join in on the adventure of a lifetime!!  Spend 10 days in what is known as "the Canadian Gallapagos" learning survival and bushcraft while training in all of the skills you need to survive this coastal temperate rainforest.
The adventure begins with a ride on a Zodiac Hurricane boat ride that takes us through the stunning Inlets of Haida Gwaii to our remote camp.  Here we will create our base camp for the training phase of the expedition. 
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During the next five days we will live as a community while we train you in shelter, friction fire, edible and medicinal plants, bushcraft baskets, fish skin tanning,  traps, water purification, celestial navigation, fishing and spearfishing and countless other skills to keep you alive. 

Spend the final three days in true survival by leaving base camp as a group, without instructors and start from scratch with only the bare essentials.  Build your own shelter, survival bowls, bushcraft canteens, fishing equipment, primitive spears, gather edible and medicinal plants, make friction fires and harvest seaweeds.  
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Get "rescued" after 8 days of community, adventure, crafting, creating, gathering and living in one of the most scenic places on Earth.  This is not just a class, or an experience.  Hopefully, this is a reset, one  that connects you with your own rythms and the rythms of the natural world.  
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