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Wild Survival Kids

Kids Courses

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Embrace the Wild with our outdoor and adventure experiences, where young explorers learn essential survival skills while fostering a deep connection with nature. Join us for a journey of growth, creativity, and fun in the great outdoors.   These courses are hands-on learning experiences and a great way to get your kids away from screens and into a more empowering connection with nature. 
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Level 1

Wild Survival Kids Courses

Get started with a fun and active introduction to survival living.  Skills taught in this day-long course prepare each student with the knowledge of how to stay alive during the first few weeks of a survival situation. Students will create shelters that will keep them warm and dry in most environments, make friction-fire by 'rubbing two sticks together', purify water with hot rocks, team building fire challenges, learn safe edible plants, create cooking vessels, traps, practice primitive hunting with the Atl-Atl spear-thrower and learn how to stalk through the woods silently with fun and challenging blindfolded awareness games.   Interwoven into all of the courses will be activities to encourage cooperation, respect for the natural world, one another, and appreciation for real adventure.

The Advanced course introduces new activities geared toward long-term and more comfortable survival living.  Activities include Advanced/ Long -Term group shelters building, Hand-drill friction fire,  group bow drills,  Bowl Burning, Advanced Edible Plants, rope making from plants, natural camouflage,  advanced traps such as the T-Bar snare and a live turtle trap, students will make their own primitive weaponry-- the sling, and participate in challenging awareness games and exercises.

Level 2

Wild Survival Kids Course
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Level 3

Wild Kids Survival Course


In this course we will be focused on traveling through the forest quickly and silently, like a ninja!  We will be making underground shelters that disappear into the forest, fires that make no smoke, cooking food in clay, one the fire, and in steam pits. We will make flour from Acorns, create primitive  pottery, traps, bamboo fire saw, flint and steel fire making, learn to make knives from stones, practice awareness games, and bark bowls.

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For Survival Level 4 we get more into making incredible craft projects from the landscape.  We will be starting by creating a shelter made from tree bark that will shield the rain yet also have a fire beneath to keep us warm, we will make bark baskets from the tulip tree, make bone arrowheads and attach feathers to arrow-shafts to take home and we will participate in group challenges as we wander through the forest.

Level 4

Wild Survival Kids Course
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Wild Survival Kids Course

Level 5


 In this class we will be learning new methods of fire making from South east asian rain-forests.  We will make domed shelter structures, create bone fishhooks and go fishing in a creek loaded with fish, learn how to make fish basket traps while testing one in the creek, learn to shoot a bow and arrow (safely, with foam tips),  weave fish nets, make spearfishing 'guns', plaster casts and a treasure hunt involving the ancient art of tracking footprints in the forest. 

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In this class we will make fires with a contraption known as the fire plow- a Polynesian method, we will create personal baskets using a plaited weave, we will create bird traps, play archery games, create fire carrying devices from mushrooms, create "Birch tar" for natural bug repellant, make primitive hunting weapons known as "whip-darts" and have accuracy competitions, we will also be creating art projects from natural paints, brushes and pencils that we make primitively.

Level 6

Wild Survival Kids Course
Wild Survival Background

You are getting a whole lot more than a one day class.  The year we did these classes, our kids spent hours and hours outdoors applying what they'd learned at home, building their own survival dens, etc.  A great investment to kick off the summer!
                                       -M Liozzo

Wild Survival Log

  I've stayed with my kids at Tom's classes before.  He is a top notch favorite.  My kids are totally into survival and they still learn a lot.  Tom has unique experiences and a great way with kids.  It is such a good experience!
                                      -M. Stietzel

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